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The NYTimes has become a mouthpiece for those who want to see China as the new evil empire. Recent pieces by David Sanger have hyped the idea that the US has a "5G Gap" and that China (Huawei) will threaten to conquer the world with 5G superiority, so we should be vigilantly opposing Huawei.
Worth noting that Cisco, ALU, ... are not any better than Huawei appears to be in these matters. But they aren't getting headlines in the NYTimes.
Remember, Judith Miller wrote NYTimes headlines based on "leaks from senior intelligence officials" that Saddam Hussein was on the verge of deploying dirty bombs, nuclear missiles and biowarfare agents.
Recently, Bloomberg got scammed by "leaks from senior intelligence officials" that Supermicro (Chinese) had built and sold server motherboards that had special chips soldered into them that didn't belong there [the stories were completely debunked by the companies supposedly targeted].
Personally, I think the cynical fearmongering here does the legitimate security engineering community no good at all. It's just more "wag the dog" psyops, designed to let all the pseudo-security-experts take over the story and get their 15 minutes in the headlines.
The Qualcomms and Ciscos of the US are happy to get the USG to help scare countries off of Chinese brandnames. But the open secret is that Qualcomm and Cisco's systems are designed and made in China, too. There's no US manufacturing of switches, and precious few entirely American hardware design centers, either.
So be a little skeptical. Check the story behind the story. Don't believe stories based on "intelligence agency" leaks.
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