[Bloat] Rigorous Coffee Shop Bloat Testing

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 11:57:25 EDT 2019

> On Sep 3, 2019, at 11:22 AM, bloat-request at lists.bufferbloat.net wrote:
> The coffee shop tests were fun, but I(we) needed more rigor when doing
> them. What I'd typically do is go in,
> get on the wifi, start 6 minutes worth of tests, get in line, get
> coffee...

OK. I'll bite. What "six minutes of tests" do you queue up? What do you record?

And how do you broach the subject with the owner? Something like...

"Uh, I think I know why all those heads are popping up..." OR 
"This is a nice network you have here. It'd be a shame if something happened to it..." OR
"I know I look like [don't look like] a pointy-headed geek, but there's this thing called bufferbloat..." OR 
"Do you ever get complaints that your wifi is really slow?" 



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