[Bloat] apnic blog on my bufferbloat talk at linux.conf.au

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 14:50:47 EST 2020

using people as packets!


while there is no new info on bloat in this talk, it can be pretty
funny in spots, if any of y'all need a lift. I'd like to give a talk
like this again one day,  also
being able to fit in bbr and ecn... but I'd need less jokes and/or a
bit more time.

While the conference wifi network was horribly bloated, the net at the
speakers dinner had a recent ubnt AP, and wasn't. Was nice to see that
"down under"!

Also of extreme value of the conference was the thought provoking talk
on "the dark side of expertise":


It didn't take long for the insights of that talk to show up - in
mine, I'd assumed my human packets would line up on the right, first,
but this being australia, my human packets "naturally" wanted to go
from left to right, and much "packet reordering" and hilarity ensued.

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