[Bloat] [Starlink] Of interest: Comcast AQM Paper

David Lang david at lang.hm
Wed Aug 4 16:44:46 EDT 2021

On Wed, 4 Aug 2021, Jonathan Morton wrote:

> 3: Leverage the Raspberry Pi ecosystem to build a CPE device that
> meets our needs.  This could be a Compute Module 4 (which has the
> necessary I/O throughput) mounted on a custom PCB that provides
> additional Ethernet ports and some reasonable Wifi AP.  It could
> alternatively be a standard Pi 4B with some USB Ethernet and Wifi
> hardware plugged into it.  Either will do the job withhout any
> Ethernet bottlenecks, although the capabilities of USB Wifi dongles
> are usually quite limited.

I'd buy it, you could also have a carrier board with some sockets that can take 
the wifi modules that laptops use.

David Lang

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