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Livingood, Jason Jason_Livingood at comcast.com
Fri Jun 18 10:53:01 EDT 2021

Folks here may be interested… The BITAG (Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group) is soon starting work on a paper explaining latency – targeted at policymakers, lawmakers, regulators, and other non-technical audiences.

These are papers that usually run 20 – 25 pages total and are produced via rough consensus. You can see previous papers at https://www.bitag.org/ -- but I’ll just note that the new / streamlined paper work rules have only been in effect since the last paper (2020 Pandemic Network Performance). There are usually many active contributors of text (so less burden on each person) and most work can be performed completely asynchronously (the draft doc is maintained in markdown on GitHub), with a bi-weekly coordination call.

Summary of the idea for the paper:
When people think of Internet performance it is typically solely in terms of speed. But when considering the end user quality of experience (QoE), latency is usually a key factor. Unfortunately, latency is not well understood in the policy or regulatory spheres or by the average consumer. This paper will explain and explore latency, including idle latency, latency under load, components of latency performance, how latency varies by access technology and/or protocol, and how latency can affect the user QoE for certain types of applications such as video conferencing, remote learning, gaming and more. As well, while the FCC MBA program reports on latency it takes no position on what is good or bad latency - a question this paper will explore. Additionally, this paper will examine metrics for characterizing latency performance, including various summary statistics for latency and latency variation (often referred to as "jitter"). Finally, the paper will look to the current state of the art and the future to explain Active Queue Management (AQM) and other low latency services - and the new types of applications that this may enable in the future.

If you might be interested, ping me & Doug Sicker (Exec Director of the BITAG, cc’d at dsicker at bitag.org<mailto:dsicker at bitag.org>) off-list.


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