[Bloat] Due Aug 2: Internet Quality workshop CFP for the internet architecture board

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 20:12:05 EDT 2021

The program committee members are *amazing*. Perhaps, finally, we can
move the bar for the internet's quality metrics past endless, blind
repetitions of speedtest.

For complete details, please see:

Submissions Due: Monday 2nd August 2021, midnight AOE (Anywhere On Earth)
Invitations Issued by: Monday 16th August 2021

Workshop Date: This will be a virtual workshop, spread over three days:

1400-1800 UTC Tue 14th September 2021
1400-1800 UTC Wed 15th September 2021
1400-1800 UTC Thu 16th September 2021

Workshop co-chairs: Wes Hardaker, Evgeny Khorov, Omer Shapira

The Program Committee members:

Jari Arkko, Olivier Bonaventure, Vint Cerf, Stuart Cheshire, Sam
Crowford, Nick Feamster, Jim Gettys, Toke Hoiland-Jorgensen, Geoff
Huston, Cullen Jennings, Katarzyna Kosek-Szott, Mirja Kuehlewind,
Jason Livingood, Matt Mathias, Randall Meyer, Kathleen Nichols,
Christoph Paasch, Tommy Pauly, Greg White, Keith Winstein.

Send Submissions to: network-quality-workshop-pc at iab.org.

Position papers from academia, industry, the open source community and
others that focus on measurements, experiences, observations and
advice for the future are welcome. Papers that reflect experience
based on deployed services are especially welcome. The organizers
understand that specific actions taken by operators are unlikely to be
discussed in detail, so papers discussing general categories of
actions and issues without naming specific technologies, products, or
other players in the ecosystem are expected. Papers should not focus
on specific protocol solutions.

The workshop will be by invitation only. Those wishing to attend
should submit a position paper to the address above; it may take the
form of an Internet-Draft.

All inputs submitted and considered relevant will be published on the
workshop website. The organisers will decide whom to invite based on
the submissions received. Sessions will be organized according to
content, and not every accepted submission or invited attendee will
have an opportunity to present as the intent is to foster discussion
and not simply to have a sequence of presentations.

Position papers from those not planning to attend the virtual sessions
themselves are also encouraged. A workshop report will be published


"We believe that one of the major factors behind this lack of progress
is the popular perception that throughput is the often sole measure of
the quality of Internet connectivity. With such narrow focus, people
don’t consider questions such as:

What is the latency under typical working conditions?
How reliable is the connectivity across longer time periods?
Does the network allow the use of a broad range of protocols?
What services can be run by clients of the network?
What kind of IPv4, NAT or IPv6 connectivity is offered, and are there firewalls?
What security mechanisms are available for local services, such as DNS?
To what degree are the privacy, confidentiality, integrity and
authenticity of user communications guarded?

Improving these aspects of network quality will likely depend on
measurement and exposing metrics to all involved parties, including to
end users in a meaningful way. Such measurements and exposure of the
right metrics will allow service providers and network operators to
focus on the aspects that impacts the users’ experience most and at
the same time empowers users to choose the Internet service that will
give them the best experience."

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