[Bloat] [NNagain] FCC NOI Response has been filed

Dick Roy dickroy at alum.mit.edu
Fri Dec 1 18:03:05 EST 2023

If you used the ECFS, then the pdf file will be available to everyone
through using the URL linked to it.


However, I don’t see the doc yet at:


(%2222-270%22))&limit=100> &limit=100



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In Dave's stead, I pulled the trigger on the Bufferbloat.net community
response to the FCC NOI about 10 minutes ago. Here's the final PDF (although
I'm pretty sure it won't make it through as an attachment...)


We will figure out how to get the PDF posted somewhere real soon.


This has been a terrific group effort. Thanks to all who contributed.


Rich Brown


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