[Bloat] PhD thesis with results related to buffering needs on variable-capacity links

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Tue Jan 3 10:08:03 EST 2023

Thank you for sharing your thesis!

Bjørn Ivar Teigen via Bloat wrote:
    > The thesis begins by investigating which performance issues are most
    > prevalent in today's WiFi networks. We show that both queuing latency
    > and the WiFi protocol specification itself are significant
    > contributors. By building a model of the WiFi protocol behavior we
    > quantify the performance of the protocol in terms of quality
    > attenuation. We find that significant performance variability is an
    > inherent consequence of the protocol design.

I guess that your thesis is mostly technical.
(I haven't clicked on the link yet)

I wonder if there is work that might occur from the business department end
of things.  Why do we have 15 years of WiFi optimization, which seem to be
taking us further away from low latency.  Are the new protocols actually
improving the situation for the end consumer?  My impression is no.
Nobody notices because the quality is so unpredictable.

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