[Bloat] PhD thesis with results related to buffering needs on variable-capacity links

Taraldsen Erik erik.taraldsen at telenor.no
Wed Jan 4 02:08:32 EST 2023

Through my work in Domos I have at least some insight into this. My impression is that it starts with business decisions, where the focus has been on maximum throughput numbers because that's what consumers think they want. It also takes effort, focus, and (most importantly) money to remove bufferbloat, so unless there is sufficient incentives from the commercial side of things it doesn't happen.
I do think there is increasing awareness of latency (under load) as an important factor for user experience. We certainly see that from some of the (dare I say thought-leading) ISPs we're working with.

I think there's hope we will see more good low-latency solutions deployed in the near future.

I’m hoping that you get good traction and market visibility on the latency with your ISP work.  Perhaps that will inspire the management in some other ISP’s in you region…


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