[Bloat] the grinch meets cloudflare's christmas present

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 12:26:24 EST 2023

Please try the new, the shiny, the really wonderful test here:

I would really appreciate some independent verification of
measurements using this tool. In my brief experiments it appears - as
all the commercial tools to date - to dramatically understate the
bufferbloat, on my LTE, (and my starlink terminal is out being
hacked^H^H^H^H^H^Hworked on, so I can't measure that)

My test of their test reports 223ms 5G latency under load , where
flent reports over 2seconds. See comparison attached.

My guess is that this otherwise lovely new  tool, like too many,
doesn't run for long enough. Admittedly, most web objects (their
target market) are small, and so long as they remain small and not
heavily pipelined this test is a very good start... but I'm pretty
sure cloudflare is used for bigger uploads and downloads than that.
There's no way to change the test to run longer either.

I'd love to get some results from other networks (compared as usual to
flent), especially ones with cake on it. I'd love to know if they
measured more minimum rtts that can be obtained with fq_codel or cake,

Love Always,
The Grinch

This song goes out to all the folk that thought Stadia would work:
Dave Täht CEO, TekLibre, LLC
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