[Bloat] [Rpm] the grinch meets cloudflare's christmas present

rjmcmahon rjmcmahon at rjmcmahon.com
Wed Jan 4 15:02:47 EST 2023

Curious to why people keep calling capacity tests speed tests? A semi at 
55 mph isn't faster than a porsche at 141 mph because its load volume is 

> HNY Dave and all the rest,
> Great to see yet another capacity test add latency metrics to the
> results. This one looks like a good start.
> Results from my Windstream DOCSIS 3.1 line (3.1 on download only, up
> is 3.0) Gigabit down / 35Mbps up provisioning. Using an IQrouter Pro
> (an i5 x86) with Cake set for 710/31 as this ISP can’t deliver
> reliable low-latency unless you shave a good bit off the targets. My
> local loop is pretty congested.
> Here’s the latest Cloudflare test:
> And an Ookla test run just afterward:
> They are definitely both in the ballpark and correspond to other tests
> run from the router itself or my (wired) MacBook Pro.
> Cheers,
> Jonathan
>> On Jan 4, 2023, at 12:26 PM, Dave Taht via Rpm 
>> <rpm at lists.bufferbloat.net> wrote:
>> Please try the new, the shiny, the really wonderful test here:
>> https://speed.cloudflare.com/
>> I would really appreciate some independent verification of
>> measurements using this tool. In my brief experiments it appears - as
>> all the commercial tools to date - to dramatically understate the
>> bufferbloat, on my LTE, (and my starlink terminal is out being
>> hacked^H^H^H^H^H^Hworked on, so I can't measure that)
>> My test of their test reports 223ms 5G latency under load , where
>> flent reports over 2seconds. See comparison attached.
>> My guess is that this otherwise lovely new  tool, like too many,
>> doesn't run for long enough. Admittedly, most web objects (their
>> target market) are small, and so long as they remain small and not
>> heavily pipelined this test is a very good start... but I'm pretty
>> sure cloudflare is used for bigger uploads and downloads than that.
>> There's no way to change the test to run longer either.
>> I'd love to get some results from other networks (compared as usual to
>> flent), especially ones with cake on it. I'd love to know if they
>> measured more minimum rtts that can be obtained with fq_codel or cake,
>> correctly.
>> Love Always,
>> The Grinch
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