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> Hi Dan,
> > On Jan 9, 2023, at 20:56, dan via Rpm <rpm at lists.bufferbloat.net> wrote:
> >
> >  You don't need to generate the traffic on a link to measure how
> > much traffic a link can handle.
>         [SM] OK, I will bite, how do you measure achievable throughput
> without actually generating it? Packet-pair techniques are notoriously
> imprecise and have funny failure modes.

I am also looking forward to the full answer to this question. While one
can infer when a link is saturated by mapping network topology onto latency
sampling, it can have on the order of 30% error, given that there are
multiple causes of increased latency beyond proximal congestion.

A question I commonly ask network engineers or academics is "How can I
accurately distinguish a constraint in supply from a reduction in demand?"

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