[Bloat] [Starlink] [Rpm] [LibreQoS] [EXTERNAL] Re: Researchers Seeking Probe Volunteers in USA

rjmcmahon rjmcmahon at rjmcmahon.com
Mon Mar 13 15:32:31 EDT 2023

On 2023-03-13 11:51, Sebastian Moeller wrote:
> Hi Bob,
>> On Mar 13, 2023, at 19:42, rjmcmahon <rjmcmahon at rjmcmahon.com> wrote:
>>> 	[SM] not really, given enough capacity, typical streaming protocols
>>> will actually not hit the ceiling, at least the one's I look at every
>>> now and then tend to stay well below actual capacity of the link.
>> I think DASH type protocol will hit link peaks. An example with iperf 
>> 2's burst option a controlled WiFi test rig, server side first.
> 	[SM] I think that depends, each segment has only a finite length and
> if this can delivered before slow start ends that burst might never
> hit the capacity?
> Regards

I believe most CDNs are setting the initial CWND so TCP can bypass slow 
start. Slow start seems an engineering flaw from the perspective of low 
latency. It's done for "fairness" whatever that means.


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