[Bloat] [Starlink] On metrics

David Lang david at lang.hm
Sun Mar 19 23:03:01 EDT 2023

> Consumers really need things like published performance specs so they can
> assemble their needs like an a la carte menu.  What do you do, what’s
> important to you, what details support that need, and they need that in a
> simple way.   Like a little app that says “how many 1080p TVs or 4K TVs,
> how many gaming consoles, do you take zoom calls or VoIP/phone calls.  Do
> you send large emails, videos, or pictures.”

The problem is that these needs really are not that heavy. Among my ISP 
connections, I have a 8/1 dsl connection, even when I fail over to that, I can 
run my 4k tv + a couple other HD TVs + email (although it's at the ragged edge, 
trying to play 4k at 2x speed can hiccup, and zoom calls can stutter when large 
emails/downloads flow)

realistically, any router can handle this speed, the question is if it has 
fq_codel/cake to keep the bulk loads from interfering with the other work.

Even starlink roaming is higher performance than this :-)

David Lang

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