[Bloat] [Rpm] [Starlink] [LibreQoS] On FiWi

rjmcmahon rjmcmahon at rjmcmahon.com
Tue Mar 21 13:42:26 EDT 2023

I think we may all be still stuck on numbers. Since infinity is taken, 
the new marketing number is "infinity & beyond" per Buzz Lightyear

Here's what I want, I'm sure others have ideas too:

o) We all deserve COPPA. Get the advertiser & their cohorts to stop 
mining my data & communications - limit or prohibit access to my 
information by those who continue to violate privacy rights
o) An unlimited storage offering with the lowest possible latency paid 
for annually. That equipment ends up as close as possible to my main 
home per speed of light limits.
o) Security of my network including 24x7x365 monitoring for breaches and 
for performance
  o) Access to any cloud software app. Google & Apple are getting 
something like 30% for every app on a phone. Seems like a last-mile 
provider should get a revenue share for hosting apps that aren't being 
downloaded. Blockbuster did this for DVDs before streaming took over. 
Revenue shares done properly, while imperfect, can work.
o) A life-support capable, future proof, componentized, leash-free, 
in-home network that is dual-homed over the last mile for redundancy
o) Per room FiWi and sensors that can be replaced and upgraded by me 
ordering and swapping the parts without an ISP getting all my neighbors' 
consensus & buy in
o) VPN capabilities & offerings to the content rights owners' 
intellectual property for when the peering agreements fall apart
o) Video conferencing that works 24x7x365 on all devices
o) A single & robust shut-off circuit


PS. I think the sweet spot may turn out to be 100Gb/s when considering 
climate impact. Type 2 emissions are a big deal so we need to deliver 
the fastest causality possible (incl. no queueing) at the lowest energy 
consumption engineers can achieve.

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