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Hi Jeremy,

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> The obvious solution is to foster competition.  Anywhere you overlay cable companies with fiber BOTH companies remain and compete against each other and the cable company increases upload speeds.  If fiber was so naturally superior, the cable companies would be erased.   I have MSP customers in multiple markets with competing techs and it's VERY nice to be able to get fiber and cable or terragraph and cable to a business for resilience.  I cannot do that on single product dominated markets.  The 'exchange' model above doesn't do it because of that single point of failure of the municipal fiber.
> To say categorically that competition is the only solution disenfranchises the sparse edge where it doesn’t pay to have a *single* terrestrial incumbent, let alone two.
> Yes, we will have StarLink, and perhaps eventually some competition to it (Bezos), but there is no escaping the reality that competition in the last mile destroys value.
> Between StarLink densities and this utopia where both fiber and cable can afford to build (and maintain!) enough customers lie a giant wasteland — not enough customers for lines, too many for LEO. Fixed Wireless Access helps, but even in that context competition destroys value.

	Let's be real, even a dwelling unit that can choose between LTE/5G, DOCSIS-cable and FTTH really will be limited to a low single digit number of ISPs, that is still an oligopoly situation, and we know that competition/markets do not work well in such situations.

> You can have subsidy (“Broadband for All” OR consumer choice, not both.

	I argue that if e.g. the same set of "hands" that builds/maintains the access roads to the dwelling units would also deploy dark fiber concentrated in a few large enough "exchanges", can actually offer consumer choice (by enabling ISPs to do what they do best, offer internet access service lighting-up those dark fibers) and broadband for all... (sooner or later, roll-out still takes a long while...)

> At this point I would hold up an Omnibus-podcast-like sign “Compatible With Marxism”, or “Not Compatible With Marxism”, but I’m not sure which.  \


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