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Configuration with one or more of my slate Hspda Using I believe this
internet that we have constructed collectively is a fragile thing and that
it will fail and that failure will take us by surprise.

That's my opinion.
I'm not a fanatical prepper but I take care.
Since I also do counseling work Since I also do counseling work I am
eligible for AT&T FirstNet
So firstly I will ask if any of you are eligible?

I am subscribed through AT&t firstnet for a single line. I hope to activate
some slates soon. I have eight count of Samsung series 7 business slates in
different models and three of them have WWLAN via HSPDA. The hspda Modem
suitable for CSD also.

If I can contribute to evaluation of buffer health using Windows 7 Windows
10 or scientific Linux 7.0 in a tethered ethernet configuration with one or
more of my slides I would be glad to help.

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