[Cake] sysctl for default qdisc... flakiness

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 20:03:12 EDT 2015

one of the issues the fedora folk ran into was that

setting something like:


does not always work (unless some set of circumstances are met at
boot, which included compiling in the right qdisc rather than as a

But I had thought that once that sysctl was set, if you added and
removed a qdisc, the right thing would happen on mq devices - which
didn't work (openwrt has an out of tree patch to change the default
qdisc to fq_codel)

I see this working properly on an x86 box.

I guess I gotta recreate debloat.sh on this at some point, although
the prospect of replacing "mq" entirely on wifi with something like
cake has a great deal of appeal.

Dave Täht
worldwide bufferbloat report:
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