[Cake] Long-RTT broken again

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 01:49:08 EST 2015

> On 7 Nov, 2015, at 07:16, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:
> I note that truesize is a bad indicator for tests on the rx path where
> acks are usually 2k.

At least in my test setup, cake is on the egress side, so I would hope that doesn’t come into it.  I’m putting netem on the ingress side and giving it a limit of 102400 packets, which hopefully is never hit:

	cake bandwidth 100Mbit satellite -> GigE -> netem delay 500ms limit 102400
	netem delay 500ms limit 102400   <- GigE <- cake bandwidth 100Mbit satellite

With that setup, I’m seeing very poor throughput with CUBIC (less than 10Mbit) but much better with Westwood+ (about 50Mbit) - of course that’s the opposite of the theoretical result.  Next I’ll try increasing cake’s memory limit.  Both machines are desktop-class (with 1GB and 16Gb RAM), so that won’t be a problem for experimenting.

 - Jonathan Morton

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