[Cake] cake coding comments

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 03:55:08 EST 2015

I sat down to try and think outside the boxes we are in...

dropping: Dropping an 3+ packet TSO "superpacket" will cause a tcp
reset - would split and drop be possible/useful?

backports as far back as 3.2 seem to be needed.

         - breaking out all the compatability cruft to a separate file
would be good

codel5.h - I've longed to clean this up to make the state machine more
clear and to fit in 80 columns for years now

         - we also still use 64 bit time - which I'd intended for the
never started cake_drop monitor and also

         - because 32 bit wraparound gave me a headache.

         - some notes in the file about differences from this and
published codel would be good

         - can't we use the skb->timestamp nowadays rather than the
control block?

hashing on the mac address seems to be possible in the new dissect
api? How? mpls?

What proof do we have that 8 way set associative hash is efficient?
Would 4 way be OK?

How correct is the dynamic quantum scaling?

What is an optimal trade-off between the total number of flows, the
size of the hash, and bandwidth?

At 1GigE? 10GigE and higher?

Autosizing the memory limit is good only when bandwidth is specified.

Does a bandwidth 100mbit exactly = ethernet at 100Mbit? Is it better than BQL?

Should we be able to increase or decrease the number of flows in the API?

Is there a way to get away from act_mirred for inbound shaping and
stick cake in there directly?

How low can we cut the interval to in a DC scenario?

VPNs vs the Tin system?

Dave Täht
Let's go make home routers and wifi faster! With better software!

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