[Cake] tc coding comments

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Thu Nov 19 06:11:41 EST 2015

On 19/11/15 08:56, Dave Taht wrote:
> Maybe: squash and wash? Squash would be best effort only, wash would
> be whatever diffserv model
I like 'wash'.  Done.  Squash is implemented as a synonym for
'besteffort wash' in tc.

Due to the lack of screaming otherwise I have now merged the
'squash/wash' branches of both sch-cake, tc-adv & toke's iproute2 repo's
into master.  It is compile & run tested on openwrt Archer c7 v2.  tc is
compile & run tested on Mint 17.2.  sch-cake is compile tested.

If interested in this release, you need to update both cake & tc.  Old
cake/new tc (or vice verca) may not go into quite the diffserv mode
you're expecting otherwise, especially if you're old school 'squash'ing.

There's an obvious enhancement here too: Specify egress dscp code per tin.

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