[Cake] dtaht/ceropackages-3.10 not in sync with tc-adv and sch_cake

Vincent Frentzel vincent at frentzel.eu
Mon Nov 23 03:41:38 EST 2015

Hi Everyone,

I did a fresh compile over the weekend and noticed that resulting binary of
tc-adv was not in sync with head (wash option was not recognized). I
updated the Makefile in dtaht/ceropackages-3.10 manually to fix.

Could someone fix this?

I would also propose to move the cake package source out
of dtaht/ceropackages-3.10 into a dedicated source.

I should add that the new wash option is a very good idea... Im running in
a double NAT ipv4 + relayed ipv6, with my modem handling DSCP on egress in
an undesired way.

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