[Cake] Cake performance optimization

Vincent Frentzel vincent at frentzel.eu
Mon Nov 23 04:07:07 EST 2015

I have been running cake on my now *vintage* wndr3800 on a 100/6 mbps link
and so far have only been able to reach 65-70 mbps download speed.System
load is rather high at 0.8 - 0.9 under stress.

I was wondering if the current cake roadmap includes some optimizations
(low hanging ones?) or the wndr3800 definitely needs to go...

Im using diffserv4 and find myself using a combination of MARK/CONNMARK and
-J DSCP to finally set the DSCP for cake. Im thinking that a leaner process
would be to have cake work from MARK or CONNMARK directly. Im not sure what
the ultimate performance gain would be though...

Here is the link to my current .qos script:

The MARK/CONNMARK rules are stored in the standard openwrt firewall3 config
with some added save/restore mark in firewall.user
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