[Cake] wash option not in tc-adv

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Mon Nov 30 05:10:05 EST 2015

Hi Vincent,

I suspect you've not updated the 'tc-adv' package.  The package
definition contains amongst many things, the revision to checkout from
the git repository containing 'tc-adv'.  If that's not updated, you get
the old version.  If you run (from your openwrt base directory)
'./scripts/feeds update -a' this will update all the packages in all
your configured feeds to their latest versions.  As 'tc-adv' is (or
should be) an already configured package then that should be sufficient.

I'm guessing you've the 'kmod-sched-cake' and 'tc-adv' packages in a
custom feed, probably something like 'cero'.  Take a look in
'feeds/cero/net/tc-adv/Makefile' and you should find the
PKG_SOURCE_VERSION is 'f789a4897dff988a4d08e39fd360e9468a60fa65'

I hope that helps.


On 30/11/15 06:41, Vincent Frentzel wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Been trying to make use of the wash option the whole week but it seems
> tc-adv does not accept the param. I cleaned up my build env with
> distclean, started from scratch, no luck. Am I missing something?
> Cheers,
> Vincent
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