[Cake] wash option not in tc-adv

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Mon Nov 30 07:09:38 EST 2015

On 30/11/15 11:36, Dave Taht wrote:
> yes, you typically do have to install (or re-install) tc-adv with the
> opkg install --force-overwrite tc-adv
I've not hit that problem 'cos I always chicken out and flash the entire
upgrade image :-)

> option. The ongoing goal of course is to get this stuff mainlined,
> which we seem no closer to doing. I'd really hoped to get some good
> performance numbers back this past weekend, and didn't. I do "feel"
> that the revised codel model is not testing out as good as the one in
> fq_codel, that on a variety of tests set associative hashing is not
> seemingly worth it...
So is the code wrong, or the coding of the tests? ;-)
> and boy, oh boy, does peeling have issues on the hardware I tried it on.
So does this mean you managed to bring back your Archer from its coma? 
Hoping yes!

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