[Cake] on me not being a bottleneck

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Sun Oct 18 09:08:48 EDT 2015

On 18/10/15 13:10, Dave Taht wrote:
> Any time I am being a bottleneck, please tell me in the subject line
> that I am being one?
> I have hopefully unified commiter access to the ceropackages,
> sch_cake, and tc_adv repos. If anyone else wants in, put your request
> in the subject line ,please.
Don't think you're the bottleneck :-)  JM has been putting in a few
sprints of activity (which is great) and I've been updating 'tc-adv'
after a quick openwrt 'trunk' sanity compile & test check.

Of course the world of openwrt & cerowrt don't pick up those latest
versions until 'ceropackages-3.10' gets updated with pointers to latest
commits - I did that this morning.

The only thing that I'm aware of that isn't now pointing to the latest
'bleeding edge' is both the 'sqm-scripts' pointers in
'ceropackages-3.10'(v1.0.2) and 'openwrt/packages'(v1.0.3)  However I
don't think there's anything desperately being missed by not being
there.  I don't know how happy Toke is in producing another release?

It feels like there's a real 'final push' being done here and it's great!


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