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Noven Purnell-Webb noven at liberant.com.au
Mon Oct 19 10:55:31 EDT 2015

I'm about to go on a mission to the outback, with one objective being to
tune a disappointing satellite link. Theoretically 6/1mbps, with RTTs
ranging from 700 - 1200ms. From the cake technical page
"The AQM layer has no configuration options. However, it is planned to add
simple tuning options for different prevailing RTTs that may be
significantly different from the Internet-scale 100ms currently assumed.
Satellite links tend to impose longer RTTs, and enclosed LANs tend to have
much shorter RTTs." Does this imply cake is not yet ready for use on
satellite links? Or merely that I'll get sub-optimal results but it's still
worth testing?
I see I could set the interval in sch_cake.c and recompile - is there any
reason why this would be a bad idea? Am I right in thinking with such
observed variation I'll get better results setting for the lower limit
(700) rather than the upper (1200)?
Any suggestions for a more sane target to set while I'm doing this?
Has anyone here already done testing on satellite links?

- Noven

- Noven Purnell-Webb
Creative Technology Consultant
+61 448 841 091
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