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On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 2:55 PM, Noven Purnell-Webb <noven at liberant.com.au>

> I'm about to go on a mission to the outback, with one objective being to
> tune a disappointing satellite link. Theoretically 6/1mbps, with RTTs
> ranging from 700 - 1200ms. From the cake technical page

Hi Noven.

This has happened:

using tc-adv, you now have the RTT parameter.

The page needs to be updated to reflect that.

> "The AQM layer has no configuration options. However, it is planned to add
> simple tuning options for different prevailing RTTs that may be
> significantly different from the Internet-scale 100ms currently assumed.
> Satellite links tend to impose longer RTTs, and enclosed LANs tend to have
> much shorter RTTs." Does this imply cake is not yet ready for use on
> satellite links? Or merely that I'll get sub-optimal results but it's still
> worth testing?
> I see I could set the interval in sch_cake.c and recompile - is there any
> reason why this would be a bad idea? Am I right in thinking with such
> observed variation I'll get better results setting for the lower limit
> (700) rather than the upper (1200)?
> Any suggestions for a more sane target to set while I'm doing this?
> Has anyone here already done testing on satellite links?
> - Noven
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