[Cake] Catching up on diffserv markings

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 11:51:37 EDT 2015

I unsubscribed from rmcat and rtcweb groups a while back after I got
overloaded, and appear.in started working so well, (for both ipv6 and
ipv4! I use it all day long now!), to focus on finishing up the new
"cake" qdisc/shaper/aqm/QoS system, among other things.


Cake is now entering the testlab, and among other things, it has
support for the diffserv markings discussed in the related, now
concluded dart wg, but in ways somewhat different from that imagined
there. We have not got any good code in our testbeds yet to test
videoconferencing behavior, and we could use some, although it does
look like we can drive firefox with some remote control stuff with a
fixed video playback now....

Five questions:

1) Has anyone implemented or tested putting voice and video on two
different 5-tuples in any running code out there?

2) How about diffserv markings in general? Do any browsers or webrtc
capable software support what was discussed way back when?

3) Were diffserv marking changes eventually allowed on the same 5-tuple?

4) Did the ECN support that was originally in one draft or another
ever make it into any running code?

(yea, apple plans to turn on ecn universally in their next OS!)

5)  What else did I miss in the past year I should know about?

Feel free to contact me off list if these have already been discussed.
I have totally lost track of the relevant drafts.


Dave Täht
I just lost five years of my life to making the edge
of the internet, and, wifi better.
And, now... the FCC wants to make my work illegal
for ordinary people to install.

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