[Cake] the meta problem of memory, locks, and multiple cpus

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 05:08:34 EDT 2015

The real problem A) that I wish we could solve at the qdisc layer

is that we could size everything more appropriately if we actually
*knew* the physical link rate in many cases. It is *right there* in
the sys filesystem for ethernet devices, if only there was some way to
get at it, and get notifications if it changed.... or merely to know
the underlying operating range of the device at qdisc init time. It is
dumb to allow 50MB of memory for a 10mbit device just to make the
10GigE folk happy.

yes, I know this does not help on stacked qdiscs, but...

the other meta problem is getting to where we can outperform mq + cake
somehow on a cpu basis - I dislike intensely the 8 hardware and BQL
queues in the mvneta driver and elsewhere, they totally clobber

If there was some sort of saner locking structure that would instead
let us repurpose those 8 hardware queues to be QoS only and let us let
cake get run on multiple cpus in those cases.....

bringing jesper back in...

Dave Täht
I just invested five years of my life to making wifi better. And,
now... the FCC wants to make my work, illegal for people to install.

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