[Cake] cake work needed for openwrt merge

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Tue Sep 8 03:20:20 EDT 2015

Hi Benjamin,

On Sep 8, 2015, at 00:31 , Benjamin Cronce <bcronce at gmail.com> wrote:
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> It may be easier to use a distance based naming. Instead of something like "High(250ms) RTT" be like "Inter-continental", medium(100ms) RTT may be "Intra-continental", and low(50ms) RTTs may be "Local Region". "Region" can be a bit ambiguous, but I figured if given two options "Local Region" and "Intra-continental", that the idea of what "region" represents in this context is clear enough. Satellite links would only need one option because the latency of the satellite will be greater than the latency from all of the terrestrial links combined. As for the actual variable name and not the option names. hmmm. Assuming similarly named options, "Optimize for"?
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For the crowd on this mailing list any names will do, but for novices that just heard of buffer bloat and its remedies, I believe we need simple unambiguous names. The challenge with distance is that while geographical distance should not be too hard to figure out, path distance is much trickier (aka true user will need i measure). If I recall correctly, codel is actually pretty robust against deviations of true RTTs from interval, but I do not remember any data showing this on a per true RTT basis or for fq_codel (where I assume the issue might be more pronounced, as the different RTT flows will be separated unlike in codel where all is mixed).

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