[Cake] Configuring cake for VDSL2 bridged connection

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Tue Aug 23 09:44:23 EDT 2016

I am using a TalkTalk (UK) VDSL2 connection via bridged PTM to my TP-LINK
Archer C7 V2. I am running LEDE.

TalkTalk uses DHCP to obtain an IP address and not DHCP as most other ISPs

I am trying to configure cake and I see these options on bufferbloat.net:

*There are eight new keywords which deal with the basic ADSL
configurations. These switch on ATM cell-framing compensation, and set the
overhead based on the raw IP packet as a baseline.*

*ipoa-vcmux (8)*
*ipoa-llcsnap (16)*
*bridged-vcmux (24)*
*bridged-llcsnap (32)*
*pppoa-vcmux (10)*
*pppoa-llc (14)*
*pppoe-vcmux (32)*
*pppoe-llcsnap (40)bvn*

How do I go about using these with OpenWRT?
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