[Cake] [aqm] [Codel] codel with low shape rates

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 13:00:02 EST 2016

> On 19 Jan, 2016, at 19:32, Jeff Weeks <jweeks at sandvine.com> wrote:
> Dave, What does HTB stand for?  I'm not familiar with it.

Hierarchical Token Bucket.  It’s one of the two most commonly used shapers on Linux, the other being HFSC.

> Perhaps this is an area where fq_codel would perform better?

Very likely.  My experience is that flow isolation (which is what fq_codel adds over plain codel) gives the single biggest improvement to perceived traffic quality of all the techniques I’ve seen and used.  Codel also works significantly better when it only needs to signal to one flow at a time.

If you plan to try out HTB+fq_codel or HFSC+fq_codel, then I would also suggest trying out Cake.  It’s slightly more involved to set up since it’s not yet upstream, but it’s a no-knobs-needed solution using even more sophisticated and comprehensive algorithms than fq_codel.  I’ve just finished adding “triple isolation” to it, and I plan to make it the default in the near future, unless someone turns up a major problem.

- Jonathan Morton

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