[Cake] Cake strange behaviour

Dave Täht dave at taht.net
Sat Jul 16 06:59:22 EDT 2016

I would repeat the same test with htb+fq_codel.

On 7/16/16 11:35 AM, Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Encountering some behaviour that I don't understand.  Line is a 40/10
> cake limited to 39000/9840. Overheads 12, 'dual-dsthosts' in ingress,
> 'dual-srcshosts' on engress - limiting the on the WAN line. Take a look
> at my ping response graph
> http://www.thinkbroadband.com/ping/share/9822cb5160582fa6abee29b60d807766-16-07-2016.html
> Around 20:30 I fired up a windows machine that was behind on its updates
> so it generated a bit of ingress traffic.  Note the comparatively high
> latency (40ms) and stupidly high ping packet loss (50%)  The 3-5ms
> steady (blue) latency you can see is a system backup (so egress traffic)
> running till around 23:00.
> The really strange bit is that cake stats show it has only dropped 10
> (yes 10!) packets.
> I'm not the only person encountering 'interesting' behaviour with regard
> to windows updates inducing high latency and high packet loss.  It's as
> if cake weren't there managing flows and this is the ISP's rate limiter
> in action.
> Kevin
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