[Cake] [lede-project/source] Add support for cake qdisc (#72)

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Wed Jun 1 07:47:42 EDT 2016

On 01/06/16 12:41, moeller0 wrote:
> Hi Toke,
>> I'm guessing this was probably discussed before and I've simply
>> forgotten; but why does this (rewriting dscp bits) need to be part of
>> the qdisc when you can do it with iptables?
> 	Well, cake looks at the DSCP bits already, if it can do the re-mapping we potentially would not need to touch iptables at all, which cakes goal being simplicity seemed on-focus. But since this feature turned out to be contentious, I vote for throwing it out and just rely on iptables… I believe Jonathan argued that the re-mapping really is an orthogonal issue that does not conceptually belong into a qdisc, a valid points as by now everyone agrees…
> Best Regards
>          Sebastian

One silly question from ignorant fool:  Can you do the iptables DSCP 
remapping in such a way that the qdisc still sees/prioritize based on 
them but clear/remap on output?


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