[Cake] New to cake. Some questions

Dennis Fedtke dennisfedtke at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 16:58:41 EDT 2016


Currently im running lede + cake + sqm_scripts and i have some questions:

1. What is considered the "optimal" setup atm for cake?
e.g. which cake script should i use piece or layer cake?
2. Recently squash and wash was removed.
But the sqm scripts were not updated. In the advanced options should i 
set that the dcsp marks are kept?
3. Should i use advanced options in sqm scripts and set triple-isolate + 
diffserv8 ?
4. Is it recommend to enable diffserv on ingress?
5. Is there still the udp packet dropping problem? e.g. games that are 
using udp.
If yes does it make sense to apply diffserv classes manually? How to do 
6. is the autorate_ingress still under development?
This very interesting feature. especially for docsis networks. Will it 
be possible to set target ping time?
6. What difference does it make to set a different rtt?
Setting lower rtt will reduce download speed i guess but will it allow 
better ping times (because of lower downloadrate uh)?
What happens if rtt is set way higher?

Thank you!

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