[Cake] Possible BUG - parent backlog incorrectly updated in case of NET_XMIT_CN

Eric Dumazet eric.dumazet at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 15:04:16 EDT 2016

On Sun, 2016-06-12 at 20:59 +0300, Jonathan Morton wrote:

> Not so - unless you are very sure that q->backlog is the same size as
> quantity.

Obviously this is the case in all linux kernels so far.

If someone plans to change this at one point, then yes, he/she has to
fix this.

>   In an increasingly 64-bit world, that is by no means assured in the
> future.  I don’t like relying on wraparound behaviour without making
> that assumption explicit, which is precisely what the signed types in
> C are for.

So why don't you send an official patch, since apparently you plan to
extend a qdisc backlog beyond 4,294,967,296 bytes ?

I am puzzled you have this idea, but why not, some people thought "640KB
out to be enough for anybody" ...
> >> IMHO the NET_XMIT_CN semantics are broken.  It might be better to
> drop
> >> support for it, since it should rarely be triggered.
> > 
> > What exact part is broken ?
> > Semantic looks good to me.
> It’s broken in that a negative correction may be required in the first
> place.

But you do realize NET_XMIT_CN was there _before_ Cong Wang added
backlog tracking in 2ccccf5fb43f ("net_sched: update hierarchical
backlog too")

The fact that Cong used a 'unsigned' instead of a 'signed' here is a
very minor 'bug', since generated code is exactly the _same_.

Claiming the 'semantics' are broken, while the reality is that the
'implementation has a potential bug _if_ we extend to 64bit' is quite

>   It places additional burden on every producer of the CN signal who
> isn’t a tail-dropper.  I can only assume that the behaviour was
> designed with only tail-drop in mind - and as we both know, that is
> not the only option any more.
Nothing implied that only tail drops could happen.

Where have you seen this in the code exactly ?

> It appears to me that there are four things than enqueue() may want to
> tell its caller:
> 1: That the packet was enqueued successfully (NET_XMIT_SUCCESS).
> 2: That the packet was enqueued successfully, but some other relevant
> packet had to be dropped due to link congestion.
> 3: That the packet was *not* enqueued, and this was due to link
> congestion.  This is potentially useful for tail-dropping queues,
> including AQMs.
> 4: That the packet was *not* enqueued, for some reason other than link
> congestion; the “error case".
> Currently NET_XMIT_CN appears to cover case 3, whereas Cake normally
> wants cases 1 & 2 (and will only signal case 4 if a GSO aggregate
> couldn’t be segmented).
Not true. NET_XMIT_CN also covers 2. (not sure what 'relevant' means for

> For the time being, I have changed my development branch of Cake to
> always signal case 1 except for the error case.

Feel free to change it, it is your code.

But do not claim NET_XMIT_CN should be removed, just because you missed
the point (being focused on router workloads I guess)

It can be used by higher level protocol, even if TCP with Small Queues
no longer can hit it with normal settings.

We have per socket counter of dropped rx packets (sk->sk_drops), we
could very easily add a counter of drops or congestions at tx.
This might allow UDP applications to reduce their rate or 'fast'
retransmit without waiting an extra RTT.

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