[Cake] Question About Sparse Flow Latency

Noah n0manletter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 16:48:31 EST 2016


I have a question about cake's sparse flow latency.

I've been using cake for a while now.  I use dual flow isolation on my 
LAN, so I shape my LAN interface. When I download a game on steam, I 
have about 11-16 bulk flows. I use the command: *watch -n 1 tc -s qdisc 
show dev eth1* to see my qdisc stats refreshed every second.  I notice 
that I will see sparse delays of 13-22 ms often.

Is that normal, and what are common sparse delays I should be seeing 
under that load?

I have tried using HTB + FQ_Codel, and I don't see the latency spikes I 
have with cake.

I am using an archer c7 shaped to 60 mbps down 9 mbps up + ECN.

CPU load about 60-80%.

Thank you,


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