[Cake] cake separate qos for lan

Allan Pinto allan316 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 11:14:50 EDT 2016

Hi ,
I'm experimenting in replacing a mikrotik router with plain linux. by
following the instructions on the cake page, i have setup the following
line in the /etc/ppp/ip-ip script so that the user will be limited to
bandwidth using cake.

/usr/sbin/tc qdisc add dev $pppdev root cake bandwidth ${BURST_DOWN}bit

but i have certain lan traffic available to the customer which should be
available at higher speed, for eg. cache traffic and i want to set that
speed to 20mbit default .

if i understand correctly i will have to mark traffic coming in from that
lan source using iptables, can someone guide me how to set bandwidth only
for that source to be higher.

Thanx and regd's.

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