[Cake] Master branch updated

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Tue Oct 4 11:22:00 EDT 2016

On 04/10/16 08:22, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> I’ve just merged the NAT, PTM and Linux-4.8 compatibility stuff into the master branch of Cake.  It’s stable code and a definite improvement.
> This frees up the Cobalt branch for more experimentation, such as the rewrite of triple-isolate that I also just pushed.  I found a way to make it more DRR-like, by simply scaling down the quantum used for each host by the number of flows attached to that host.
> I still need to test whether it works as well as the old version, but it should at least be less CPU intensive.  In particular it should no longer require bursts of CPU activity when the host deficits expire, and host deficit expiry should no longer be explicitly synchronised.
> See if, between you, you can break it before I get back from shopping.  :-)

Ha ha!  I don't know if you're back from shopping yet...and I'm not sure 
that I've broken it (cobalt branch)...but it has broken my router!

Beyond 'spontaneously reboots' as part of sqm-scripts instantiating the 
shaper I can't offer any more info.  Archer C7 v2.  Reverting to master 
is ok.  It's not even as if I use 'triple-isolate' *but* I know that 
section of code is used by 'dual-src/dsthost' anyway.

Sorry can't offer more info...away from home a lot and no serial console 


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