[Cake] de-natting & host fairness

Noah Causin n0manletter at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 21:52:33 EDT 2016

I've been trying to compile this on LEDE, but I get this error:

Package kmod-sched-cake is missing dependencies for the following libraries:

On 9/25/2016 11:20 PM, Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant wrote:
> Greetings!
> A while back I started on a quest to make cake 'nat' aware as the lack 
> of host fairness in a typical home router environment was the only 
> thing that prevented cake from being the ultimate qdisc in my 
> opinion.  This involves dealing with conntrack which on egress is easy 
> (the kernel fills in a data structure for us), ingress is less clear.  
> I hacked something together but wasn't really happy with it.
> Another github user 'tegularius' presented some beautifully crafted 
> code that did the lookups in a much neater way. Originally it too had 
> an 'ingress' lookup problem.  This was worked on and I hacked some 
> conditional 'denat' options into cake & tc.
> For your 'delight' a denat cake 
> https://github.com/kdarbyshirebryant/sch_cake/tree/natoptions along 
> with a matching tc https://github.com/kdarbyshirebryant/tc-adv/tree/denat
> Typically I use 'dual-srchost srcnat' options on the egress interface, 
> with 'dual-dsthost dstnat' in the ingress ifb interface.  In *brief* 
> testing, bandwidth is shared fairly between hosts, and fairly by flow 
> within each host.  And it's not crashed yet.
> Kevin
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