[Cake] flow isolation for ISPs

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 08:48:00 EDT 2017

Pete Heist wrote:

> Cake is not a requirement yet. I like it for several of its
> attributes (good performance with high numbers of flows, and also
> when “over-limiting”, which I’ll explain more in my next round of
> point-to-point WiFi results).

Would be nicer for your users though?

I mean in the sense that if the "outer" hash could be done on some mark
then the inner hash on connection as normal then they would get more
than a fifo, which seems to be how current solutions are heading.

TBH, though I don't even get your set up - I mean is WISP like some
giant lan, or does anyone that asks get a real IP, do subscribers
normally have more than one access point? Just curious.

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