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> Pete Heist wrote:
>> Cake is not a requirement yet. I like it for several of its
>> attributes (good performance with high numbers of flows, and also
>> when “over-limiting”, which I’ll explain more in my next round of
>> point-to-point WiFi results).
> Would be nicer for your users though?
> I mean in the sense that if the "outer" hash could be done on some mark
> then the inner hash on connection as normal then they would get more
> than a fifo, which seems to be how current solutions are heading.
> TBH, though I don't even get your set up - I mean is WISP like some
> giant lan, or does anyone that asks get a real IP, do subscribers
> normally have more than one access point? Just curious.

Cake has some nice qualities, yes, so we’ll see.

The network has been assembled over a number of years, by a number of people (not by me personally), so it has a life of its own, but works quite well, from a member’s perspective. :) I’m still figuring out more about it myself, but it consists of a series of nodes, each of which has at least a router, a WiFi AP for clients and an uplink to the Internet connection either with point-to-point WiFi or some other means (fiber, licensed radios, etc). If you want an idea:

http://mapa.czfree.net/#lat=50.76816800116274&lng=15.066890716552734&zoom=13&autofilter=1&type=satellite&geolocate=98%7C114%7C111%7C117%7C109%7C111%7C118%7C115%7C107%7C97&node=6101&aponly=1&bbonly=1&actlink=1&actnode=1&tilt=0&heading=0& <http://mapa.czfree.net/#lat=50.76816800116274&lng=15.066890716552734&zoom=13&autofilter=1&type=satellite&geolocate=98|114|111|117|109|111|118|115|107|97&node=6101&aponly=1&bbonly=1&actlink=1&actnode=1&tilt=0&heading=0&>

In some cases, like mine, my CPE has a single IP address from the node’s router. In others, where there are nodes on top of apartment buildings for example, members connect with Ethernet straight to the router on the roof of the building, and IP addresses come from the DHCP server on that router, and they get multiple IPs.

So it’s a mixture in this case, and that’s what makes hashing only by IP address, or by IP address and flow, not ideal.
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