[Cake] Getting Cake to work better with Steam and similar applications

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 09:51:34 EDT 2017

Jonathan Morton wrote:
>>> So please add “atm overhead 32" to cake on eth0 or “atm overhead
>>>  40” to cake instances on pppoe (these packets do not have the 
>>> PPPoE header added yet and hence appear 8 bytes to small).
>> Thanks for your help, will definitely use them. Just wondering if I
>> use "pppoe-vcmux/bridged-llcsnap" on eth0 or "pppoe-llcsnap" on 
>> pppoe0 would have the same effect? Or are there some other 
>> "under-the-hood" changes when using them?
> On the pppoe interface, use pppoe-vcmux if your modem is set to use 
> VC-MUX, or pppoe-llcsnap if it’s set to use LLC-SNAP (they might be 
> described using slightly different terms, but should still be 
> recognisable as one or the other).  This probably depends on your 
> ISP, and may further vary regionally within the same ISP.
> I really prefer to use the self-explanatory keywords (which is why I
>  added them in the first place) instead of opaque magic numbers. This
> is a point on which Sebastian has long disagreed with me.

Either way (or maybe not!), what about the observation that attaching
cake on pppoe, for me at least, required the use of the raw param due to
the "auto compensation" mechanism seeing pppoe as +8 when the actual
packets are just ip len so not +8.

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