[Cake] Getting Cake to work better with Steam and similar applications

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 08:58:12 EDT 2017

Dendari Marini wrote:

> Also I have done some more testing, I was able to limit Steam 
> connections just to one thanks to some console commands 
> ("@cMaxContentServersToRequest" and
> "@cCSClientMaxNumSocketsPerHost") and while the situation improved
> (no more packet loss, latency variation within 10ms, but still seeing
> ping spikes of ~50ms) it's still not what I'd consider ideal, which
> would be like with any other download. So my guess is there's
> something else going on other than just the multiple connections,
> which are definitely big part of the problem but not the only thing.
> Anyway these are my current settings for Cake and I've been using 
> them for the last four days without issues:
> *qdisc cake 8005: root refcnt 2 bandwidth 950Kbit diffserv3 
> triple-isolate nat wash rtt 100.0ms atm overhead 40 via-ethernet* 
> *qdisc cake 8006: root refcnt 2 bandwidth 17500Kbit diffserv3 
> triple-isolate nat wash ingress rtt 100.0ms atm overhead 40 
> via-ethernet*

I still think that once via-ethernet appears you really need the raw
parameter. On egress ppp it likely subtracts 22 bytes on ifb that is
attached to ingress ppp 14 bytes.
If you shape on real eth (eg. lan side) or ifb hooked from real eth then
you shouldn't use raw.

Thinking about it, mostly you will luck into it not making any
difference, so the test I suggested earlier won't work. The reason being
that whether the overhead is 40 or 40 - 22 an MTU sized packet or an
empty ack/single sack will end up the same due to atm. sack > 1 will be
wrong as of course will be other traffic of certain sizes, so a
carefully crafted test would be needed to show the issue.

Talking of acks/sacks 17500 vs 950kbit doesn't even have room for one
sack per packet, though mostly there will be < 1 ack per packet.

Depending on your sync rate 17500 may be too close for ingress.

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