[Cake] cake flenter results round 3

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 20:41:12 EST 2017

On Fri, Dec 1, 2017 at 5:31 PM, Georgios Amanakis <gamanakis at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Here a definition of a win has to also include a shaper, like
>>cake's integral one.
> I realized this an hour ago, but forgot to include "limit 100000" in netem
> config. Running that now.
>> tc qdisc add dev mbox.l root pfifo-fast limit 1000

Our rule of thumb for token bucket shapers has been 5-15% so a run
against 900 of 855 or lower might show
codel/pie/fq_codel working better. cake is deficit based, and it's
looking good at 900v890. A way to test
cake's aqm more directly against codel or pie is to use cake in
"flowblind" mode.

> I will also do this reference run.
> Thank you for your guidance!

thank you for tackling some load! These are some of the fastest speeds
and widest workloads we've ever tried these qdiscs at.

I picked up two 12 core xeons today. I went to get my usual cheap
samsung EVO SSD, got one, saw an optane on sale, got one of those for
the main box. I'm a sucker for latency reductions.

They are way too loud, tho.

> George


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