[Cake] cake flenter results round 4

Pete Heist peteheist at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 04:02:25 EST 2017

> On Dec 4, 2017, at 4:29 AM, Dave Taht <dave at taht.net> wrote:
>> *** Round 5 Plans
>> * If I do another high RTT test, make rtt 1000ms default and try even higher
>> * From Dave: tcp bbr, cdg, reno? dctcp would be weirdly interesting.
>> * From Dave: slot 4ms 4ms bytes 10k 16
>> * If I get time I could change flenter to do asymmetric bandwidth tests and go
>> back to Dave’s four box config with ingress cake, which would probably be a more
>> common config. All depends on time available…
> Well, let's see what happens on netdev.
> I took a few steps towards ripping out blue for comparison the other
> day.

Ok, irtt needs shoring up before its first “pre-release release”, likely to be in mid-December. I’ll focus on that with what time I have (which is less now until the new year) until more is known.

I think we can say Cake is stable and helps in many situations over what’s currently available. There are smaller mysteries in different corners, but they usually come down to something like:

- the queue has been lost
- it's configured wrong
- that’s how it should be
- the device or driver isn’t working right
- the device is multi-queue
- the cpu is over-taxed
- the timer resolution isn’t high enough

Maybe we can make these deployment issues easier for people to deal with over time, first through documentation, then proposing and implementing solutions if they become clear. Overall though, I’m glad Cake is available, because in many situations people can just add a few keywords and enjoy the benefits…

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