[Cake] cake vs fqcodel with 1 client, 4 servers

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 20:38:03 EST 2017

Ingress mode works by counting dropped packets, not only delivered packets,
against the shaped limit.  When there's a large number of non-ECN flows and
a low BDP per flow, a lot of packets are dropped to try and keep the
intra-flow latency in line.  So the goodput tends to decrease when the flow
count increases, but this is necessary to control latency.

The modified failsafe ensures that at most a third of the total bandwidth
will "go missing" this way.  Previously, as much as three-quarters could.
At that threshold, Cake stops counting dropped packets, trading a reduction
in latency control for maintaining reasonable goodput.  There is no more
sophisticated heuristic that I can think of to achieve ingress mode's goals.

However, it might be worth revisiting an old question once raised over
fq_codel's use of a fixed set of Codel parameters regardless of active flow
count.  It was then argued that the delay target wasn't dependent on the
flow count.

But when the flow count is high, a fixed delay target plus the baseline
latency might end up requiring a lower BDP than the sender is able to
select as a congestion window (typical TCPs have a hard lower limit of 4x
MSS).  In that case, currently packets are being dropped for no effect on
send rate.  This wouldn't matter with ECN, of course.

So a better fix might be to adjust the target latency according to the
number of active bulk flows.  Fortunately for performance, this should be a
multiply, not a division.

- Jonathan Morton
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