[Cake] dscp marking ingress traffic (was (no subject))

John Sager john at sager.me.uk
Thu Dec 7 17:48:35 EST 2017

I've wondered that, and at the moment I don't think there is. The ingress
qdisc stuff happens before the packets hit any iptables hooks so you can't
use iptables rules to do it. None of the actions that can be attached to a
filter on the ingress qdisc seem to offer what you want.

I use packet marks and connmarks to classify outgoing traffic using iptables
rules. The connmarks are then transferred back to incoming packets using the
connmark action, followed by the mirred action to send them to ifb0 where
the real downstream qdiscs - htb and fq_codel - are applied. This works well
to partition my upstream & downstream bandwidth between different traffic
classes, but I can't yet see how to adapt this to work with cake.


On 07/12/17 13:34, Mark Captur wrote:
> I am using cake on latest lede nightly. I'm using diffserv 4 which creates 4
> tins bulk, best effort, video and voice.
> Is there a way to change dscp markings on in comming traffic to place it in
> te video tin. More specifically i would like all incoming traffic with
> source port 23000 to be set to dscp class CS4.
> Thanks,
> Mark

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