[Cake] cake status & forks

Adrian Popescu adriannnpopescu at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 06:06:45 EST 2017


Cake has been under development for a while. It still doesn't seem to
be ready. I have some questions to ask.

LEDE uses a fork of Cake. Why does such a small project need to use a
fork to be included in another project? What's wrong with the main

Cake doesn't seem to have comments sprinkled all over the source code.
Is there any kind of documentation which describes the algorithms used
in the code? It's hard to know whether the code does the right thing
or not without comments.

Cake seems to be a lot more complicated than some of the other qdiscs.
It's harder to understand Cake's code. One such thing which isn't
documented is the logic behind the 8 way associative hash. It's hard
to tell exactly what's what because there's no explanation in the
code. Everything is spread across multiple functions without any
comments or documentation.

The lack of documentation and the Linux kernel specific code make it
quite difficult to port Cake to other operating systems. The lack of
comments and documentation makes it harder to prove the code is right.
There are no algorithms and no description of what the code does to
compare with the implementation.

What Linux kernel versions does Cake support currently? Are there any
plans to add comments to the code? Are there any plans to write
documentation on the individual discrete algorithms and constants used
in the code?

How should we compute the overhead options? How are we supposed to use
the new features without documentation?

Are there any plans for more major changes? Is the code still going to
receive major overhauls?

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